Christian Life Coaching

Christian Life Coaching is here for you.  At IN HIM Outreach Center, we believe in achieving your God-given potential.  This coaching is designed for those who have had great challenges getting to where you would like to be in life.  Are you here and want to be there?  Do you look around and scratch your head?  Are you not quite sure how in the world to get there?  You would greatly benefit from Christian Life Coaching. Whether you need to learn how to manage your time more effectively, learn how to manage stress better or just need to give yourself permission to dream big; everyone can glean from a Life Coach! 

 Our Certified Christian Life Coach, Liz Zynda, has had extensive experience in helping others create a more positive life situation.  She is an energetic, uplifting woman of God who believes that with passion and determination, your life can definitely take a turn for the better.  God is using Liz to change lives. He's setting straight those crooked ways!